Advanced Management Solutions has identified that it is of outmost importance to have the commitment and support of the management and key user of an organization when embarking on a project of this nature.

System implementations without the involvement of the “people” within the organization are doomed to failure or mediocrity at best. Advanced Management Solutions goal at the outset of an implementation is to ensure knowledge transfer and ultimately that the implementation methodology will result in an implementation that provides the organization with the expected results. To this end, the system implementation will follow SAP ASAP (Accelerated SAP) implementation methodology. Project planning, project documentation, project control and processing of all activities will be based on this proven approach.

The ASAP implementation methodology has been specifically designed for the introduction of SAP Solutions into the mid-range market, this methodology and tool kit has been extensively tested world-wide and has resulted in fast, cost-effective implementations. ASAP adapts the approach that concurrent streams of activities take place throughout each phase with continuous configuration and feedback to the user to ensure that the configuration meets the companies operating objectives.

The ASAP Roadmap consists of five phases:

Project Preparation
Business Blueprint
Final Preparation and
Go live and support continuous change
ASAP provides examples, checklists, or templates as samples. They are used as a starting point to avoid “reinventing the wheel.” In ASAP terminology these tools are “Accelerators.”

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