IDC MarketScape brings technology buyers a highly useful and well researched overview of the strengths and weaknesses of IT and telecommunications vendors. The rigorous scoring methodology creates results that can easily be compared. SAP has once again been recognised as a Leader by IDC MarketScape, in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Industrial IoT Platforms and Manufacturing 2021 Vendor Assessment.

As part of the assessment process, IDC MarketScape reaches out to customers to listen to their comments regarding the pros and cons of each vendor under assessment. SAP customers stated that they trusted SAP’s security and data privacy model. They also highlighted the ease of integration, and the ability to use products from one vendor for a wide range of purposes, which is highly advantageous over attempting to connect a variety of products and services from several different vendors. With most IIoT / Industry 4.0 deployments tending to require products from multiple sources, this certainly makes SAP stand out from the crowd, and makes it a very attractive proposition for a seamless integration and stress-free utilisation. Customers were also impressed that SAP didn’t limit their options when it came to making choices for where to run workloads, with plenty of cloud options available.

The assessment delved deeply into the features and capabilities of SAP’s services, taking a close look at its ability to integrate IoT data with both enterprise and third party systems, its analytics capabilities, machine learning processes and edge deployment. IDC MarketScape deemed SAP to excel in all aspects and so declared SAP a Leader in its field.  Particular note was given to the ability of SAP to manage a connected supply chain, an issue that has been brought to the forefront recently with disruptions causing major impact to supply chains, and so resilience is a big concern, now more than ever.

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