Products Description

SAP® Profitability and Performance Management

Enable strategic decision-making that can improve the performance of your business and maximize your profitability.

Empower business users to make better decisions using advanced business modeling, granular profit and cost analysis, and simulation capabilities in the SAP Profitability and Performance Management solution.

  • Cloud and on-premise environments
  • Advanced business modeling of complex processes
  • Amplified insights with multidimensional profit and cost analysis
  • Real-time results, scenario modeling, and simulations

Key Benefits

Enable precision with impactful models
Access advanced modeling capabilities for creating meaningful insights through sophisticated business-centric profitability, cost, and process use case models.

Amplify and extend your insights
Complement current intelligence to add deeper and richer analysis shaped to your business needs, then extend these new insights across an enterprise of users.

Activate steering through real-time decisions
Act with speed and agility and steer a course toward optimal performance by making informed strategic decisions based on real-time results and simulations.

Key Capabilities

Advanced business-centric modeling

  • Empower your team with intuitive tools to create complex cost and profitability models
  • Build business-relevant models using predefined content and comprehensive allocations
  • Support trust and confidence, replacing spreadsheets with a flexible, repeatable, and transparent process

Extend insights across the enterprise

  • Add deeper and richer analysis and share valuable new insights with cloud users
  • Complement established procedures to harmonize results with enterprise processes and reports
  • Create a single source of truth for profitability and performance insights

Immediate access to actionable insights

  • Make better-informed decisions in the moment with instant insights based on deep granular analysis
  • Be proactive and decisive and cut cycle times with in-memory calculations that deliver real-time analysis
  • Inspire confidence in decisions by simulating and reviewing before you act

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