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SAP® Litmos

SAP Litmos Training Overview

SAP Litmos Training is the future of rapidly implemented training for the customer-focused enterprise. The solution enables targeted learning, boosts employee experience and loyalty, and protects your brand by keeping the organization compliant. Trusted by hundreds of global brands, the powerful LMS offers the highest accessibility on the market. With a library of off-the-shelf courses, engagement features, and built-in reporting and analytics, businesses have every tool needed to develop, manage, and extend world-class training to employees, partners, contractors, customers and beyond.

Products included in the SAP Litmos solutions portfolio:

  • SAP Litmos Training
  • SAP Litmos Training Content

Create winning customer experiences

The way customers feel about your brand impacts their trust and can mean the difference between future purchases or moving to your competitors. Winning customer experiences don’t just happen though, you must train for them.

SAP Litmos solutions enable businesses to provide the most current product and service knowledge to employees, partners, and even customers anytime, on any device—even offline. Empower your team to perform at their best; serve customers at their best; and create memorable, winning customer experiences.

Drive quality employee experiences

Quality employee experiences are key for today’s organizations. Knowledgeable, highly trained employees and partners feel empowered, are happier, and more productive. Elevate employee and partner experiences, beginning with their first interaction with your company, and reinforce loyalty by continually investing in them as valuable resources.

SAP Litmos solutions can help you onboard employees fast and painlessly; provide engaging, relevant learning, right in the flow of work; and positively influence performance that invigorates the entire extended organization.

Proactively manage risk

With an increasing number and variety of labor laws and industry regulations, your business needs to be proactive in getting employees, partners, and the extended team quickly up-to-speed when it comes to compliance.

SAP Litmos solutions enables the flexibility to deploy current training rapidly. Use SAP Litmos solutions’ built-in robust reporting and analytics to provide the comprehensive feedback your organization needs to adjust its approach. Periodically measure compliance adherence; test current policies and controls against actual incidents or breaches; and continually adapt training to raise your risk management game and protect your business.

Why SAP Litmos Training solutions?

Robust analytics
& reporting

Measure and influence performance; and track course completions, test averages, content popularity, and more with built-in reporting and analytics.

Fast user

Get learners started immediately with automated email invitations, an intuitive UI, and single signon through integrated systems. Create rules to automatically assign courses, learning paths, and team placement.


Make training accessible from anywhere 24/7 on or offline and compatible with all web browsers.
With 33 languages preconfigured in the platform, every learner can set their account to their language of choice. Accessible to learners with disabilities.

Simple integration & quick deployment

Seamlessly integrate with the rest of your ecosystem; choose from 30+ out-of-the-box connectors or build your own using our open APIs.

Bulletproof security & quick scalability

All data is encrypted and stored behind a hardware firewall, transferred over HTTPS, and keyed with a private certificate to ensure your information is fully protected and GDPR compliant. As your company grows and changes, so can your training program.

Easy course creation & off-the-shelf content

Get professionally created, SME-tested courses designed to improve sales and service, and leadership and management skills, or create your own using import and drag and drop features.

Rapid automation & embedded AI

Use automated alerts to prompt users to take mandatory training; define rules to automatically assign courses, learning paths, and team placement; and schedule automated reports. Get AI-powered analysis and scoring of video self-assessments.

Epic engagement
& adoption

A collection of built-in engagement tools like gamification (leaderboards, badges, points), interactive hotspots, achievement social sharing, and discussion forums all help enrich learner experiences.

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