The subscription-based hosting option – an extension of the SAP Business All-in-One fast-start program – allows your organization access to an SAP Business All-in-One solution that is hosted and managed by a select SAP partner. Because you pay only a flat monthly or quarterly subscription fee, you minimize up-front costs and on-going in-house IT requirements.

Business Challenges

  • Inability or reluctance to absorb up-front capital expenditures for IT investments
  • Restricted cash flow for software licenses and hardware acquisition
  • Limited IT resources to manage software and IT infrastructure in-house

Key Features

  • Access to a hosted SAP Business All-in-One solution – Run your business with- out buying new hardware and software
  • Application and infrastructure management services – Leverage IT management expertise delivered by SAP partners
  • Maintenance and support – Take advantage of on-going maintenance and support from SAP partners

Business Benefits

  • Minimize up-front capital costs associated with traditional software acquisition, including those for software licensing and hardware, by using a subscription-based payment model
  • Avoid the need to hire IT staff to manage and support software and the underlying IT infrastructure
  • Achieve flexibility to buy and deploy an SAP Business All-in-One solution based on your own financial and IT preferences because of a variety of licensing and deployment options

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ERP Services The inherent need for flexibility and interchangeability in the business environment has prompted Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. to develop SAP applications that improve business visibility, process optimization, resource utilization, productivity, cost reductions and ultimately deliver higher profit margins.

Services that Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. provide which further compliment the total services include:

Change Management

The success of any implementation depends on how well the changes are received by company employees. Advanced Management Solutions Ltd provides assistance when managing the changes related to the migration to SAP R/3. It is important that employees receive: constant and clear communication relating to the reasons and benefits of the change; constant progress reports; and effective end user training. The change communications need to occur throughout the company and may even include customers and suppliers. It is also essential to begin communications in Phase I of the Implementaion. The various communications tools that Advanced Management Solutions Ltd recommends are change management presentations, newsletters and posters.

Cross Applications

The cross application team specializes in connecting and communicating between various systems and software.

Workflow .Within SAP the various modules need to pass information to one another during the normal flow of business. O ne of the mechanisms or tools, which is used to optimize this communication, is SAP Workflow. SAP Workflow has the ability to operate either exclusively within the SAP environment or to incorporate inward and outward-bound communication with other systems as well as being able to notify a user that a manual action is required.

DMS.Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. combines the technologies of Imaging, Archiving and the DMS module to handle the sophisticated management of documents, those that need revision control or security for example.

Archiving .Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. has extensive experience with the archiving interface which allows moving of information into and out of a storage area. Whether this is textual, database or image format is handled by the archiving software.

EIS/BW .The Executive Information System and Business Warehouse provide the means to present, in concise reports, SAP or external source information to the business executives.


The documentation assists the implementation specialists to deliver high quality project documentation. The team fulfills a quality assurance function by creating templates, providing training for the implementation team members and reviewing project documentation. This ensures that information required for training can be progressively acquired and easily converted into end user support material, linking the gap between subject matter experts and end users. The project documents that we manage include:

  • Scoping and Planning Report
  • System Design Document
  • Implementation Guide
  • Acceptance Test Procedure Document
  • QA Documents
  • End user and training documentation

A vital benefit of this approach is that end user training is encouraged in the early stages of the project as opposed to traditional, last minute, frantic attempts to ensure that the end users will be efficient on the new SAP system.

End User Training

A study conducted by Benchmarking Partners shows that it is not technology that inhibits benefits when implementing an enterprise wide system. It's People that will make or break your system. In the case of SAP projects companies that budget less than 10% of implementation costs for training are three times more likely to see ERP projects over-run on both time and budget. Gartner research also claims that an untrained employee takes six times longer to complete a system or process transaction. Rainer Zinow, SAP Director of Knowledge Warehouse stated: "Research shows that 75% of our clients said that if they had the chance they would spend more on end-user training (EUT)".
Clearly training needs to form a core part of any major system implementation project and at Advanced Management Solutions Ltd we have been helping organizations in getting the most of their system implementation through role based education. We are supporting projects of every size and in every industry with relevant SAP end-user support services and products.
The Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. documentation and training team provides the following services:

Train-the-Trainer . The client will ultimately own the responsibility for training end users. Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. will provide the initial support and development in the form of Train-the-Trainer. If necessary, Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. will act as co-trainers during courses delivered by client trainers. The client trainers will be taught how to deliver SAP R/3 training. Advanced Management Solutions Ltd.'s SAP training materials consist of instructor guides, visual aids and participant packs.

Instructor Guides . The instructor guides are training guides to be used by client trainers when presenting a SAP training course.

Visual Aids. Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. will develop visual aids to assist trainers to provide training that complements the principals of adult learning.

Participant Packs . Typically participant packs are less detailed than the instructor guide, and are used to support trainees during training.

Training Delivery . The Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. training methodology views trainers as facilitators, not lecturers or teachers. We believe that adult learning is most effective when it is facilitated. Trainers initiate learning by prompting each participant to participate and take responsibility for his or her own learning.

Participants are prompted to think not only with the left side of the brain (as usually happens in training), but also with the right side of the brain. This total usage of a person's intellectual capacity facilitates understanding, remembering and internalizing of information and in the end, learning.

The user documentation should form the basis for the training so that during training, operators can learn how to use the help when they are out of a simulated environment.

During training, the emphasis is on providing outcome oriented hands-on practical exposure to the SAP R/3. The demonstrations, walk-throughs and exercises are all based on realistic business scenarios.

Project Management

Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. uses a well-defined Project Management methodology that is largely based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), which is underwritten by the Institute of Project Management.

Well documented procedures are in place for ensuring total quality in the creation of specifications, planning and budgeting of the project. The positive influence of this approach is also carried through to the execution phases. Proper risk management procedures are adhered to, ensuring that our clients are always aware of, and prepared for, possible problems.

The Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. methodology ensures that deviations from specifications and budgets are highlighted early enough to allow for corrective actions to be taken. Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. believes that a well documented project leads to better client relations as it removes any ambiguity about decisions and therefore always ensures a maintained paper trail.

Additional project management features include: formal communication mechanisms; problem solving mechanisms; verification mechanisms; documentation procedures; and risk management.

Quality Assurance

The process for reviewing materials assures the quality of the end product. The document specialist team (DST) will strictly control the review procedure and will identify and resolve and bottlenecks or other difficulties which may occur. While there are a minimum of two reviews of all material by the DST and client staff or business analysts, a final review of all completed material is performed by a senior DST project manager from a different project. This final review assures the same look and feel for all material produced on the project and also guarantees the highest quality of documentation. An important emphasis in the review process is to assure ISO 9000/2 compliance.

ERP Services
As the international business environment evolves, enterprises are recognizing the need to embrace world-leading practices to remain competitive.


SAP R/3 has proven to be a powerful enabler to the leading companies in the world, providing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that supports best business practices. As the need grows for businesses to have an integrated ERP system as the backbone of their value chain, smaller companies are evaluating SAP R/3 as an enabler in their environment.
In their selection of an ERP system, companies are often concerned with the ability of the system to support their current business and enable their future vision. The challenges faced in the realization of the system are shared with the implementation partner. These are often centered on Time, Resources and Organizational Impact within the framework of a budget.

ASAP Methodology
The Advanced Management Solutions Ltd. methodology is the solution delivery mechanism for organizations facing these challenges. As an SAP Implementation Partner , Advanced Management Solutions uses the ASAP implementation methodology, which allows a scalable approach to solution delivery.

AMS provides maintenance and information services, which provide the customer with technical support, including remote online support for the Company's products, and assistance in resolving problems with the provision of user documentation.

Advanced Services

AMS assists their clients in understanding not only what is possible utilizing the software of their choice, but also how they can improve or reengineer their business by leveraging that technology. We offer the full range of services required to build and manage a successful business: business consulting, applications development, implementation and support.

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