Value. Expertise. Success.
Providing value is important at AMS.
We were founded on the premise that our success is only possible through expertise and the delivery of systems and personnel that drive business value for our clients.
Software implementations in the old days were IT-Projects. We at Advanced Management Solutions ensure that SAP implementations need to be business projects. Our company offers more than just this. Optimization of business processes is at the very core of our project work. The industry know-how of our consultants has been the foundation for many successful projects.

Traditional consulting firms will spend many hours on site and off site developing solutions for your organization; most of their time is taken up by learning and understanding what you and your people already know so they can make decisions for you.

Advanced Management Solutions Ltd do not spend a lot of time creating reports and presentations for your business nor do we implement the same consulting approach for all our clients.

Our focus revolves around helping you and your people make the right decisions for your organisation through leveraging your existing knowledge and putting it into action.

Highly Skilled Consultants
We believe that one of the key success factors for any consulting organization is the "Skilled Consultant-Power". Advanced Management Solutions has experienced and knowledgeable consultants with extensive IT and business background. Our consultants are skilled in offering help and guidance in designing, implementing and managing competitive business processes within SAP. Our team consists of 6 senior consultants with an average of 7 years of SAP and business experience in multiple industry sectors in Cyprus . Our highly skilled consultants provide real value-added service by reducing the learning curve for users, supporting knowledge transfer to your personnel and shortening the implementation time.

SAP Specialisation
Advanced Management Solutions Ltd is a company which primarily specialises in SAP Solutions. We are official business partners of SAP as a result of our commitment to the SAP product. SAP is a product which is always advancing to the changes of the global economy and best practices. Our team is dedicated to continuously researching the new SAP products and technologies which are offered by SAP. Our knowledge on the latest SAP products ensures that we offer the highest quality and most cost-effective SAP solutions to our clients, in order to take full advantage of the integrative benefits of the SAP software.

Quality Service and Commitment
We at Advanced Management Solutions are committed to providing quality service. Our quality service is not only derived from our skilled consultants but also from our complete commitment and dedication to our projects. Our philosophy is ‘one-project–at-a-time’, ensuring that we provide services of the highest quality resulting in a client satisfied partnership. We are committed to the project from the Initiation to the Go-Live and Post-Live Phases of the project. In addition we ensure that the same consultants who are committed from the beginning of the project will be the ones who will take the project Live. There is no switching of consultants, which causes delays due to time spent on knowledge transfer and time taken to understand the business environment. Our 100% focus philosophy is the reason why our projects are completed on-time and on-budget with the highest of quality.

Successful Projects and Continuous Support
Advanced Management Solutions consultants have been involved in numerous implementations from various industries as well as SAP upgrades in Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria. We provide services and support to 90% of all private companies who have implemented SAP in Cyprus. Our consultants provide solutions to help your company meet its business goals and objectives through every phase of the SAP business processes implementation.

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